10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Web Developer

Choosing a website developer is an important matter for businesses and individuals alike. There are thousands of options, and each claims to be the ultimate solution.

The following list poses the 10 most important questions and My WebTech's answer to help you make the choice that is right for you.

“How long have you been developing for the web?”

Since July 2004.

“Are you debt-free and financially stable?”

Yes. My WebTech has had no debt since establishment.

“Are you local or national?”

Most My WebTech clients are here in central Virginia, but we have worked with clients across the nation.

“Where can I see your previous work?”

At our work showcase.

“Will you go through a specific process to develop my website?”

Yes. First, we will coordinate and outline the best website structure and number of pages for your website. Then we will lay out a general page prototype for you to review. Finally we merge your website content and the prototype into a series of hand-coded pages and check it with a professional website code vadidator. After we upload the website, we will ask you to review it. We can make any changes you like, and then set the website live.

“What materials do I need to provide for my website?”

You must provide any information that you want available on your website. We will be glad to edit and/or proofread if you want us to. If there are any graphics, animations, or other design ideas that you want incorporated, we will be glad to use them. Otherwise, we will suggest what we think fits your website's purpose.

“Do I have the option of mantaining and/or hosting my website on my own?”

Although you do have that option, My WebTech will gladly maintain your website and arrange hosting for you.

“What software, standards, technologies, and computer languages do you use?”

To be the best website developers, My WebTech constantly adapts to the many changing technologies available. You can read about the ones we choose to implement on our technologies page.

“What browsers and operating systems do you test on?”

Browsers and operating systems change quickly, so it is important to test each website. You can find My WebTech's page compatability guidelines on our technologies page.

“Do you know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is?”

Sure! SEO is designing your website to be attractive to a search engine. Most website designers misunderstand or ignore search engines. At literaly every step of the design process, we consider search engine habits. Putting search engines first, last, and everywhere in between has given My WebTech's websites stellar rankings in search engine results.